Step 1

First you will be asked to fill in a health assessment containing a 3 day food diary which I will need you to complete as honestly as possible. It is very important that you send the completed questionnaire back to me prior to the initial consultation. I need to know what you are eating in order to prepare, we are all different and I offer a bespoke service. 
All information is treated in confidence

Step 2

An initial consultation lasts for one hour. This will incorporate diet and lifestyle recommendations, as well as a supplement plan and, potentially, diagnostic tests. (Please note that my supplement and diagnostic testing advice is totally impartial, I am not tied to any particular company)

Step 3

These are 45 minutes long. I recommend that a follow-up consultation takes place 3 to 4 weeks after the initial consultation to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your programme.
My aim is to fully engage you throughout the process and to empower you with the tools and information to improve your health. The length of your programme will depend on your goals and commitment.
Note: Please be aware that any information or advice I provide is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.
Initial Consultation 
60 Minutes 
Provision of an extensive Health questionnaire
Review of the completed Health questionnaire
Relevant research and preparation prior to the initial consultation to consider symptoms, causes and possible recommendations for discussion at the initial consultation
A comprehensive 1 hour face to face initial consultation looking in depth at your past and current state of health, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, habits, medication and supplements.
Consideration and discussion of priorities
Written tailored Health Improvement Programme with clear priorities to help maintain momentum
Nutritional hand-outs
Menu ideas/meal suggestions
Follow Up Consultation 
Continued research into your condition and health
Review and adjustment of dietary and supplement programme as necessary
Progress report and review of priorities after each follow up
Further hand-outs if applicable
Review and explanation of any test results
Booking the consultation: Contact me to make a booking for your consultation. On confirmation of booking you will be sent a health questionnaire which is a comprehensive review of your health symptoms, lifestyle, goals and a 3 day food diary.
I accept BACS transfer (made electronically prior to consultation)
Additional costs
Any dietary supplements or diagnostic tests recommended are not covered in the consultation fee.
With all our busy schedules, I totally understand if your appointment needs to be cancelled. Please give me 48 hours notice to reschedule. Failing that, it is only fair to charge 50% cancellation fee, or 100% cancellation fee if inside 24 hours.