First you will be asked to fill in a health assessment containing a 3 day food diary. This document is an essential tool used in the buildup of your case and analysis of your symptoms and conditions. It saves valuable time in your consultation and provides information on which I start working on before the consultation.
I need this ahead of the appointment  (at least 2 days before) in order to initiate the preparation of your case, we are all different and I offer a bespoke service. 
All information is treated in confidence
Consultations lasts for one hour. They will incorporate diet and lifestyle recommendations, as well as a supplement plan and, potentially, functional tests. Check below for a detailed explanation of what they include.
Your investment will be your time and commitment to apply the health improvement plan and in financial terms, you will need to allocate a budget for consultations, functional tests, supplements and high quality food.
Functional testing may be requested if required and will be discussed in the initial consultation. This may include stool analysis, SIBO breath testing, specific blood or urine testing.
Expect monthly consultations to check progress and update protocol.
(Please note that my supplement and functional testing advice is totally impartial, I am not tied to any particular company)

You are welcome, if you have multiple questions about your health improvement plans, new gut symptoms or reactions to new foods, to e-mail your queries, but please expect to be offered a time slot for a consultation to discuss them. 

I  request that you do not update me on your progress via text or Whatsapp as this makes it extremely difficult to maintain my professional records of your situation.


Note: Please be aware that any information or advice I provide is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.
60 Minutes 
60 min Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy consultation with a nutrition status analysis
In depth analysis of your past and current state of health, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, habits, medication and supplements
Personalised nutrition guidance based on your health goals
Consideration and discussion of priorities
Written tailored Health Improvement Programme with clear priorities to help maintain momentum
Recommendations on clinical tests if needed 
Nutritional hand-outs
The fee charged typically represents 3 hours of my professional time; time to review health assessment/ previous clinical notes, previous functional/medical tests, research your medications/ health conditions, 1 hour appointment and time afterwards putting together your bespoke plan
Booking the consultation: Contact me via email if you wish to become a new client. This will be followed by a phone call, I like to arrange a free 15 minute telephone conversation with prospective clients to ensure that my services are appropriate to their needs. On confirmation of booking, you will be sent a health questionnaire which is a comprehensive review of your health symptoms, lifestyle, goals and a 3 day food diary.
Online clinic only.
I accept BACS transfer (made electronically once consultation has been booked with myself)
Additional costs
Any dietary supplements or diagnostic tests recommended are not covered in the consultation fee.
With all our busy schedules, I totally understand if your appointment needs to be cancelled. Please give me 48 hours notice to reschedule. Failing that, it is only fair to charge 50% cancellation fee, or 100% cancellation fee if inside 24 hours.