Issues of motility (constipation, diarrhoea)
Eva, you are a miracle worker. I have been using the gall bladder therapy supplements since last Sunday, so for a week. I have not drunk liquids generally a half hour before and after meals. Lemon in warm water as I start the day. Pineapple regularly after meals. Tried the apple recipe yesterday; divine!!! I have made another batch today. Yet to make the broth, but only got out of my sickbed Friday. So given that I have been not moving much this week as i was bed bound, and ate NO vegetables from last Friday for a week (so ill I couldn’t face them), you would expect my constipation to be a problem. NOT AT ALL. I have had gluten every day, eaten apples, and even yesterday lots of pulses… reaction whatsoever!!!!!! I have been getting up and almost straight away going to the loo, EVERY morning. AND, I stopped taking my CosmoCol (anti constipation sachets) on Wednesday to see how it would go… problems. It IS a miracle. I have never, ever had such a comfortable gut week as I have done this week, and that with the heavy duty antibiotics and painkillers added to the mix. I’m hoping this continues Eva as I start to add back other things I love to eat but had been avoiding. Thank you SO much for getting me this far so fast Eva.”
Anne P. – IBS, Constipation, Gallbladder Removed
Eva is excellent (recommended by a friend) and has helped me lose a bit of weight as well as sort out my sluggish digestive system (a work in progress!). I really recommend her on a professional level. Her knowledge is excellent and she’s very approachable and kind, just the sort of person you want when talking about your most private bodily functions!”
Carly Hardy – Sluggish Digestive System
Gas, bloating & distension

“ I had suffered with tummy problems for a few years. In the last couple of years things had got a lot worse in terms of bloating, feeling sick, stomach cramps and weight gain. It was at that point a friend recommended Eva and I decided to try something new.

Eva is a very understanding, approachable and knowledgeable lady.

After undertaking a couple of tests, Eva was able to see what my issues were and created a very individual programme for me, taking into account my lifestyle/home-life too.

I followed the programme rigidly and the results were amazing. From complaining about my tummy every day, I now hardly ever talk about it. My problems have practically gone but I now have the tools to cope with any blips if I have eaten foods that don’t agree with me. In addition I lost a stone and a half in weight and feel great!

My advice to anyone looking for a nutritionist, is that you need to be committed to change. Your therapist can guide you and equip you with the tools necessary to make a difference but without your full commitment, the process will not be as successful.

Thank you so much Eva, I feel like a new person. “

VP, Essex – Digestive Problem
If I look back over the years and as far back as I can remember, I now realise that I must have always had a digestive problem! In the quest to achieve optimum health I took a great interest in many aspects of nutrition and am fairly knowledgeable in this area but felt that I was stumbling in the dark because this feeling of wellbeing, which I was continually searching for, completely eluded me. I tried various nutritionists but continued to suffer with the lack of concentration, wooly head, bloating, lack of energy, mood swings, depression and most of all the lack of sleep! I haven’t really had a proper night’s sleep for the last fifteen years!! That was until I decided to see Eva and I can categorically say that after having the tests she recommended carried out, my life has completely changed and my sleep has improved so much that I feel like a completely new person. Eva also recommended some supplements which I have been taking regularly, and quite frankly, I haven’t looked back. I feel incredible and my sleep has improved tremendously, I have loads more energy, I can think clearly and rationally and my stomach feels light and airy and that bloated feeling has completely gone. I believe that once in a while you meet a person who makes a difference in your life and I truly know Eva has made a difference to mine with her excellent skills and knowledge she has transformed my life from a drudge to a life of vibrancy and I am very grateful. Without her help I would still be struggling!”
Lydia Gardner – Digestive Problem

“Working with Eva has made me feel like a normal person again after 10 years of digestive issues! I cannot thank her enough for the support and professional advice she has given me.

I first contacted Eva as I was reacting to and eliminating lots of food from my diet following a bowel operation where part of my intestine was removed. I was also living with stomach pains, headaches and bloating most days. I had previously seen a gastroenterologist who had been unable to find any solutions to the problem and I was feeling negative about eating because it was causing me great discomfort.

During the first online consultation Eva was able to identify the most likely cause of my intestinal issues and following a breath test at home which was sent off to a lab I was able to start a diet and supplement program. The consultations were really easy to arrange around my other commitments and I felt like Eva was really interested in finding the root cause of the problem and solving that rather than just treating the symptoms.

Now I have no issues at all when I prepare my own food at home and I am really thankful of the control I have over my digestive health. I have more energy and don’t have the ‘brain fog’ I used to have almost daily. Making some small changes to my diet has changed my overall wellbeing for the better.

I lived with my digestive problems for 10 years and I wish I had known to speak to Eva before I did! I would really recommend Eva if you are having any digestive issues – five sessions over the course of a few months has revolutionised my health and wellbeing. ”

Danielle, Hertfordshire – Bloating
Abdominal Pain
My child has suffered with tummy pains for years but it wasn’t until we met Eva that we learnt what might be a major cause of these pains. On meeting Eva she immediately put my child at ease with her patience and gentle questioning. Based on the detailed medical history she had gained, Eva suggested some comprehensive testing for which I am very grateful. As a result of these tests we found what is likely to be a major piece of the jigsaw puzzle to my child’s problems. We now have a course of medication to take from the GP plus a comprehensive supplement programme to follow from Eva. One week on and my child is already complaining less about tummy pains and I am at last feeling very hopeful that finally there will be a day which is pain free.”
Kate Rahman– Child with Tunny Pains
Acid Reflux/ Heartburn
I was experiencing the worst digestive symptoms of my life. Whenever I ate food within minutes I experienced acid reflux and made most foods unbearable to eat. My stools were not consistent and I often had to finish work early (sometimes before 2pm) just so I could go home and sleep as I genuinely had no energy left. I was prescribed acid reduction pills by the doctor however after 6 months I was no better and becoming heavily dependent on the medication just to get through the day. When I started working with Eva, immediately I felt as though finally I had someone who actually cared about my wellness and had the knowledge to understand my situation. I’d sum up my experience with Eva as life changing as without her help I would never had found out what the underlying issues were with my digestion and would still be relying on pills which weren’t able to control my symptoms. Genuine god send and so glad I was introduced to her by a mutual friend. Since meeting Eva I learnt why my digestion was so bad and a realistic plan of action to resolve these issues. I’ve gone from not eating most foods to eating pretty much whatever I like. As long as I eat clean (few cheat days here and there) then my symptoms are completely gone. No more acid reflux, I have more energy, my skin is clearer and more importantly I feel like I’ve taken back control of my digestion and more importantly my life ! I feel reassured because I finally have a knowledgeable professional who really understands digestion that actually cares about my wellbeing. As stated above I have loads more energy and so much happier in general. To anyone looking to work with a Nutritional Therapist, I’d say just do it! Nothing is more important than your health and getting expert advice when you most need it ! I’m living proof that no matter how bad it gets you can heal and get better!!”
David Hamblett – Acid Reflux
I would highly recommend Eva. I went to see her as I was overweight and suffering from numerous digestive issues, particularly constant heartburn and bloating. Eva was professional as well as being very friendly and caring. After 4 consultations I now feel fully equipped with the knowledge on how to lead a healthy lifestyle through diet. I am so amazed at how things have changed for me. My digestive issues have disappeared. Not only that but I have lost weight and am sleeping better. I suggest that everyone makes an appointment to see Eva!”
Jenny Murray-Smith – Heartburn and Bloating
I have had bowel issues for some considerable time. Last year I had a colonoscopy and then a dietician put me on the exclusion Fodmap diet. All this was to no effect. Then Eva suggested a comprehensive stool test as a way forward and the results found some problems. After 6 months of treatment based on Eva’s recommendations all my symptoms have now gone. Thank you Eva!”
Jan Harwood – IBS
Eva is a picture of health – a great advocate for Nutritionists! I would highly recommend Eva, who is professional with a lovely, kind and caring nature. After having digestive problems* since my teenage years, I can sincerely say that since seeing Eva my symptoms have improved considerably. She has even more plans to help me, which is very inspiring and exciting. Eva provides a very personal and individual plan which is based on her extensive knowledge. With Eva’s positive attitude, kindness and knowledge, it is much easier to make changes and feel so much better.”
Anne R – IBS

I suffer with IBS (since my mid 20’s), diverticulitis and hiatus hernia.

What a miserable time I was having, so I decided to look for someone private to help me, I found Eva in September 2018. She put me at ease straight away, and I could tell she knew exactly what she was talking about. She explained everything clearly and answered my questions. I was put on (soggie food) my explanation of slow cooked food, and noticed the difference within a couple of weeks. What a relief it was too. I am now on normal food, and am finding I have a bigger range of food now than I did before, without the side effects, which is fantastic.

I feel so much better than I have for years, and would highly recommend a consultation with Eva, it’s certainly worth it, and I know where to find her if I need her.

Janet London – IBS

Unexplained digestive discomfort

“I found Eva when I had exhausted every other avenue, she was recommended to me on good authority and I now know why. I was at the point where I thought perhaps I just had to get used to living with the pain in my digestion. The symptoms I described to doctors never matched any results that came back. I was not stressed, I practiced yoga daily and yet my symptoms were acute, I knew I had a problem but could not pin point what it was. Eva in her wisdom could recognise my symptoms immediately and suggested two tests which would show in fine detail the areas that were out of balance along my digestive tract. It was obvious when we discussed the results that all the other side effects were leading back to this one condition. I felt such relief that it was actually a condition and it could be treated. My gut health is now being gently restored under the compassionate guidance of Eva”.
Raphaelle Cox

“I first met Eva early this year.  I had been suffering with bouts of severe tummy pain which at the time had no medical diagnosis.I found Eva to be a warm friendly person and very easy to talk to.  The fact that she practises  in her own home makes consultations very relaxed.

Suggested tests helped to give us a clearer picture of my situation and through Eva’s dietary advice which has contained supplements, recipes and a better understanding of nutrition I have been much better these past 8 months.

I have no hesitation in recommending Eva.”

SDC. Ingatestone

Irritable bowel disease (IBD)

“I have Ulcerative Colitis and was suffering quite badly after medications failed to work so I decided to consult Eva for a more natural approach with a view to relieving symptoms through diet. Eva was very understanding about my condition and had no problems coming to me. She wrote down a detailed plan, working around my already known intolerances, was full of helpful tips and information and made things easy to talk to about this sensitive subject for me. I have a greater understanding of food now and it has definitely improved my way of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Eva.”
Aimee Ewins-Jones – Colitis
“”I’d experienced colitis, extreme anxiety and panic attacks for many months, which prescription medication only seemed to exacerbate. After six months I was blessed to find my way to Eva who listened to my symptoms and experiences with immense compassion, setting up a new eating and supplement plan for me and advising me of a special test that could shed light on a positive way forward. At my next appointment, with my test results, Eva explained that I had Candida and all the dietary solutions and supplements available to me. This literally changed my life and I have not looked back. Within a couple of weeks my symptoms had vanished. I am now happy, healthy with tons of energy and beautifully clear skin. I enjoy all the fresh, health food I eat so much that it has become a permanent lifestyle choice and my partner has followed suit. I highly, highly recommend Eva – she is incredibly knowledgeable and immensely kind. I am forever grateful to her.”
Joanna – Colitis & Anxiety

Removal of Gallbladder (Cholecystectomy)

“Eva, you are a miracle worker. I have been using the gall bladder therapy supplements since last Sunday, so for a week. I have not drunk liquids generally a half hour before and after meals. Lemon in warm water as I start the day. Pineapple regularly after meals. Tried the apple recipe yesterday; divine!!! I have made another batch today. Yet to make the broth, but only got out of my sickbed Friday. So given that I have been not moving much this week as i was bed bound, and ate NO vegetables from last Friday for a week (so ill I couldn’t face them), you would expect my constipation to be a problem. NOT AT ALL. I have had gluten every day, eaten apples, and even yesterday lots of pulses… reaction whatsoever!!!!!! I have been getting up and almost straight away going to the loo, EVERY morning. AND, I stopped taking my CosmoCol (anti constipation sachets) on Wednesday to see how it would go… problems. It IS a miracle. I have never, ever had such a comfortable gut week as I have done this week, and that with the heavy duty antibiotics and painkillers added to the mix. I’m hoping this continues Eva as I start to add back other things I love to eat but had been avoiding. Thank you SO much for getting me this far so fast Eva.”

Anne P – IBS, Constipation, Gallbladder Removed

Food Sensitivities / Intolerance

“I have been suffering for many years with intolerances to what I had believed to be down to certain foods but with little resolution after several allergy/ intolerance tests. During my initial consultation Eva was able to pin point my troubles and provided me with detailed advice to follow including advice on supplements and recipes. After a month I’m happy with my decision to contact Eva, with her guidance, I have successfully alleviated the majority of my symptoms and I am more aware of the food I eat and how it affects me.”

Kirsten Humphrey – Food Intolerances

“Your advice following my lengthy intolerance report has turned my health around. I feel fantastic. No headaches, no fogginess, no digestive issue, no itchy skin and my rheumatoid arthritis is getting under control. You’ve cured ailments that I didn’t even realise I had. Thank you!”

Kelly Eason – Food Intolerances

Coeliac Disease & Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity

“I first visited Eva with several health issues, mainly coeliac disease, severe anaemia and digestive issues due to having both my gallbladder and appendix removed. Six weeks after my first appointment I am no longer anaemic for the first time in 17 years! Having been anaemic since the age of 7 this seems like a miracle for me. Not only this but I am finding I have so much more energy and able to sleep better but best of all I no longer have pain when I eat meals, which is something I used to experience daily. I have had such a fantastic experience with Eva so far and she has made me feel so good in such a short space of time, it makes me look forward to the improvements I can make over the next few weeks and months. I would highly recommend Eva, she is one of the most welcoming, friendly people I have ever met and I never ever imagined someone would be able to help me with my health problems like Eva has! Thank you so so much. ”

Nevena McGarrell – Coeliac and Digestive Issues

“Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration over the last few months. Every time I see you I get a boost of energy and good feeling and it makes me want to eat in a better way. This week I’m over the moon as I have come back to my “wedding weight” (I got married 11 years ago and have 3 children!). I feel great and I look great. I now know that with the nutritional knowledge I have I will keep up this healthy eating for a very long time”

Alicia Salinas-Beever – Gluten Intolerance

Candida / Yeast Overgrowth

“I am feeling great and losing weight. I have lost 2kg already! Which is more than I lost with everything else I tried. It was obviously the candida that was causing my problems!
I have completely cut out yeast and gluten from my diet. I am using the cookbooks a lot that you recommended. I have already cooked bread, pizza, coriander burgers, salmon and dill and much more. I am becoming a good little cook. : )
My fiancé said to me last night over dinner that he feels great and so healthy. He loves all this yeast and gluten free eating so we are both very happy on this diet that you recommended. Thank you very much for your help Eva.”

Cath H

“I know we are meeting this week but would like to give you an update. I have lost 5 kilos now, totally cleared the yeast infections which is wonderful as I have had them for years and years, the sticky swollen eyes in the morning have stopped too and I feel really great! I bake my own rye and quinoa bread now and don’t touch white flour. I have stopped doing the diary (out of laziness to be honest) but I know what I am eating now and don’t really fancy any rubbish food anymore. I had a family dinner where I had no option but to eat what was given to me and ate something with white flour and the following morning I had really swollen sticky eyes so I think I am right to assume white flour does not agree with me. I have two coffees a day now and drink lots of white tea (white tea is pretty much the same as green tea, the same plant but it is harvested earlier and has less caffeine and more antioxidants plus I prefer the taste to green tea. So all in all I feel great! I do two walks with my dog a day and have a lot more energy. This is the first time I am doing something healthy that I don’t think it is temporary but a life style and I don’t plan to go back :-). It is all thanks to your advice and I would like to really thank you because I fell great right now.”

Ana D – Yeast Problems

“I came to Eva with stomach digestive problems that were causing me pain and distress, I had been to the doctors who just prescribed me CosmoCol which I did not want to stay on long term and really had no where else to turn. Eva immediately put my mind at rest and together we came up with an achievable plan to help me live more comfortably and healthily. I stuck to the anti-candida diet as recommended by Eva and had great results! I couldn’t be happier that I no longer have painful bloating and my bowel movements have finally become normal and regular. I have also lost around 4kg which has made me feel much better in myself too. I now feel confident going forward that Eva has provided me with the tools to continue living a healthy and candida free life! Eva is so lovely and kind, I couldn’t recommend her enough! ”

Jessica Robjohns  – Candida

Bacterial Gut Infection/ Intestinal Permeability 

“About twenty years ago, I suffered a period of stress during which I stopped sleeping and my immune system became so low that I had constant bouts of bronchitis which required antibiotics. Overtime, I managed to improve my immune system by being vigilant about my diet and taking 15mg of zinc daily but feelings of a lack of concentration and constantly being spaced out remained, as did my feelings of isolation, depression and irritability and I could never rely on feeling well enough to plan the next day.

However recently, I discovered the importance of microbiome, or gut bacteria, and on researching this I found that the poor bacteria in the gut can affect the entire system and that this can start with something as simple as stress or taking antibiotics, as it had with me all that time ago.

This was when I went along to a consultation with Eva who tested and analysed my gut bacteria and  confirm an overgrowth of poor bacteria. Then, from the comfort of her kitchen where she was able to show me various beneficial foods and recipes, she devised a complete programme which increased the nutrients in order to heal my gut and enabled me improve my overall health.

The result has been quite remarkable as I no longer have the tiredness and ‘fog brain’ which resulted from the overgrowth of bad bacteria which was invading my system and I can concentrate without falling asleep all the time. I no longer have feelings of depression and irritability and can stay alert for longer. I’ve noticed other benefits too, such as my hair has thickened and behaves better, my balance has improved and strangely, I no longer have ‘restless leg syndrome’ !

I have always eaten healthily and been careful to maintain an active lifestyle and kept to a healthy weight, but thanks to Eva and her professional but friendly style of giving help and advice, I now feel in control of my life and my health and I would recommend her to everyone. ”

Linda Welburn, Chelmsford

Helicobacter Pylori

“I started consulting Eva in May this year, and have had 4 consultations with her. I had previously been consulting a Functional Medicine GP who had been very helpful, but who was unable to continue with her private work.

Eva built on where I was at, and was able to propose a programme for me to implement, culminating in a re-test on an area in which the previous test had indicated serious deficiencies. On the retest, she was able to report to me this week that the major problem in my gut had been eliminated.

The every-day problem which made me decide to contact a Functional Medicine practitioner is now vastly improved, and this means I feel overall much better. I am extremely pleased about that, as conventional medicine had reached an impasse. I am now on a schedule that seems likely to improve other areas of imbalance that remain. Eva has provided some specific ideas about diet as well as supplements to help achieve this.

I would recommend working with a Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist who specialises in the area of your concern. He/she will have much more time than an NHS GP, and, if as good as Eva, will have an excellent grounding as well as being committed to ongoing research.”

Helen Morgan, Essex


“I met the most amazing woman today! I’m so excited, Eva Mauleon-Mackenzie. She is a Nutritional Therapist who is the female version of Dr John Bergman! 💕💕 She absolutely blew me away with her case studies about IBS, this woman knows her stuff! I would urge anyone who believes they have a food related problem or any condition they may be dealing with to get in touch with Eva for an assessment.

You really need to get to the root cause of any condition so an assessment by someone like Eva would be highly recommended and I can honestly say I have not met a nutritional therapist of her calibre, very impressive”

Jacky Rands